Alison Neuman


Alison’s love for writing grew when she was young. Her poetry and stories have appeared in multiple elementary and junior high publications. Being a city girl, spending days at her Grandma’s farm, picking berries in the large garden, visiting the fluffy yellow chicks in spring and viewing the vast stars in the night sky gave her an appreciation and love for animals and agriculture.

Alisonís passions in life are music, flying, and quilting. These passions have given her opportunities to explore performing; lyric writing; recording; the business of music; different cultures and regions in North America; and the techniques of sewing pieces of fabric into a pattern and following a family tradition.

She graduated with her diploma in Professional Writing and her Bachelor of Applied Communications from MacEwan.



Business and Promotional Writing

Spring 2007 – Website Copywriter for Hazard Alert Training Inc. (View WHIMIS in the HATSCAN catalogue)

Winter 2005 – Has Beans Media Campaign (View Sample: pdf file 1, pdf file 2, mp3 file)

Winter 2005 – Grant Proposal (View Sample: pdf file)

Fall 2005 – Radio Production Proposal (View Sample: pdf file)

Spring - Fall 2004 – Copywriter for SoundSource Studios (Radio Spots)

Fall 2003 - Winter 2004 – MacEwan Today (View Sample: pdf file)

Fall 2003 – Media Package (View sample: pdf file)

Fall 2002 – Comfort Craving Business Proposal (View Sample: pdf file)

Technical Writing

Winter 2003 – “Prowling Framemaker”, Team writer of software user guide

Fall 2003 – Team Writer Safety Manual for Energy and Environmental Corporation (View Sample: pdf file)

Winter 2002 – Student Guidebook for navigation of College Campuses (View Sample: pdf file)

Instructional Design

Winter 2004 – Team Industrial Designer and Writer of Training Course for Petroleum Industry Auditors


Spring - Fall 2007 – Editor and consultant for articles and stories

2004 - 2007 – Action/Drama Television Series Pilot

2004 - 2008 – Secret Agent Manuscript for Young Adults

2003 – Edmonton Journal, "Winter Entrapment" (pdf file)

2003 – WestWord, "One Voice" (pdf file)

2002 - 2006 – Manuscript for Memoir

2001– Living Beyond Closed Doors (pdf file)

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